scultori, logo dello scultore Pezzola. Lo scultore presenta le sue sculture in bronzo realizzate con il processo della fusione a cera persa. Le sculture realizzate con la fusione del bronzo esprimono un marcato realismo anche del più piccolo dettaglio del modello originale.      

  Hand made sculpures finished with the bronze and the fire.   
In this page are represented few moments of the artistic working process from the beginning to the final sculpture.
        scultori,  lo scultore Pezzola crea sculture in bronzo
The artist models his sculpture directly in the most suitable material for his artistic language. From the original piece, a hollow copy is made in wax. After the hollow part has been filled with solid refractory material, the castings are applied to favour the regular flow of fused bronze. The entire piece is covered with a mantle of refractory material, thus obtaining a form that will be fired in a furnace for a period of time ranging from one week to ten days, during which the wax copy will melt (this is where the term lost wax comes from), leaving its print, which will be filled with the casting of fused bronze. When it was cooled, been freed from the outer coating and cleaned, the form goes to the finishing department, where it will be finely finished with the patient work of hand chiselling and polishing.
scultori, lo scultore Pezzola esegue i disegni delle sue sculture in bronzo. scultori, attrezzi per la finiture delle sculture in cera persa.   scultori, lo scultore Pezzola durante la realizzazione di una cera.
The process of lost wax fusion has extremely ancient origins related to the daily life of mankind. In more recent times it has been dedicated exclusively to art and ornamental decor.
Archeological findings in Mesopotamia, Greece and Egypt testify to the knowledge of this fascinating technique of working metals, which had already been handed down at that time from father to son, and has remainded substantially unaltered through the course of the centuries. In his sixteenth century autobiography, Benvenuto Cellini wrote the first treatise on the method of lost wax fusion, utilised to create the Perseo, the famous Italian renaissance masterpiece of sculpture. It was an extremely important treatise, which is still today considered a landmark in the history of this technique.
    scultori, la fusione delle sculture in bronzo   scultori, lo scultore Pezzola in fonderia
scultori, lavorazione manuale per la preparazione delle sculture in cera persa    
A special thanks to the Management and Employees of the Fonderia Artistica Guastini in Gambellara (Vicenza) Italy for the kind co-operation during the photo service of the bronze casting process .
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