The sculptor models his bronze sculpture directly in the most suitable material for his artistic language.
The sculpture comes out from the lost wax fusion. scultori, logo dello scultore Pezzola. Lo scultore presenta le sue sculture in bronzo realizzate con il processo della fusione a cera persa. Le sculture realizzate con la fusione del bronzo esprimono un marcato realismo anche del più piccolo dettaglio del modello originale.      

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The sculptor's biography   
Oreste Pezzola, firstborn of five brothers, was born at Orzinuovi (Brescia) Italy on the 28th of September 1926 from parents who have known poverty. At age 12 he must interrupt his studies due to his fatherís call to arms. In any case he does not abandon school: he enrols and attends a school for technical drawing where he obtains a diploma in mechanical drafting. From the time of his adolescence Oreste works hard to learn the secrets of composition: drawings upon drawings day and night, construction of structural elements of both industrial artisan activities, devouring monographs of famous artists. In 1945 he moves to Lumezzane with his maternal uncle and here he meets the woman of his life, Rita Pasotti, whom he marries in 1948, establishing himself definitively in Lumezzane. His passion for engraving sees him employed in several firms as a die engraver. In 1960 he decides to continue this activity on his own producing dies for industry. He successfully continues his activity as a die maker until 1995, after which he definitively abandons this craft to dedicate himself to his ancient passion, the art of sculpturing. His first attempts at figurative imprints show signs of a surprising fluency in form, and an overall incisiveness recognised by masters and connoisseurs of art.From that moment on his imagination, intolerable of academic rules, starts to secretly create small terracotta sculptures of noteworthy aesthetic value.
Time passes but the desire to create doesn’t cease; Oreste faces a period of uneasiness and solitary experimentation finally reaching and realising his personal artistic aspirations.

He undertakes the realisation of works gaining a noteworthy and well known fame as an excellent artist.His sculptures show traces of both 19th century classical schemes as well as formal imprints of modern periods, sweeping from body movements, facial expressions, historical commemorations, landscapes, coats of arms, commissioned portraits and monuments; however, his objectivity of a much dreamed of aesthetic vision, loved and cared for in absolute liberty is unquestionable. The works of Pezzola paint an image of a man full of energy and desire to live, ready to take advantage of each and every moment with an intensity typical of youth. A man ready, through his work, to value the simple everyday emotions found in the many testimonials that surround us of all that is beautiful and harmonious.

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The artist will be pleased to show you his gallery upon notice.
Scultore Pezzola Oreste Via Ragazzi del 99 n. 41 25065 Lumezzane S.A. Brescia Italia EU e-mail: email to the sculptor sculptor_home page

Tel.: 328 849 35 51